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Money Back Guarantee

You will not be able to request for a refund in the situations stated below:

  • Your Credit Balance;
  • Value Added Tax;
  • After careful investigation, our QA team finds that all of your instructions, provided initially, were accurately followed;
  • Additional services, including plagiarism report, abstract page, top writer, VIP service and discounts;
  • Problem solving and multiple-choice assignments. If you use answers, delivered by our expert, you automatically approve them. However, if the writer scores only a half (or less) of right answers, you are entitled to a partial refund. The amount of such a refund is evaluated by the billing department in each case individually;
  • When requirements and rules of the mentioned terms of use were not followed;
  • There is an open dispute in our system;
  • When 10-day period of free revision has passed. (The free revision period starts right after the deadline, indicated on the order)
  • The received score for the paper was lower than you expected. Please, be aware that we do not guarantee any grade, as teachers give grades depending on their personal vision and their decision is very likely to be subjective, so we cannot control the situation.

Cases, when refund is approved:

  • You have paid for your order twice by mistake. In such case, you will get a full refund. Usually it takes up to three business days;
  • The deadline was missed. If such situation occurs, we first need to examine your particular case and find out the reason. If the customer failed to give us thorough and clear instructions on performance of the assignment - neither full, nor partial refund will be considered. Please note: it is you, who decide whether to provide us with all the necessary materials from the class and required instructions. You need to check all the provided details, which are needed to complete the task properly. However, we will recalculate the price of your order and offer a refund if the fault turns out to be ours;
  • We did not find the writer, who corresponds with your requirements and did not start the writing process as a result. Such situations are very rare but we may find it challenging to assign the writer with the required background for extremely difficult tasks with complicated topics. In case of such situations, a full refund is guaranteed;
  • Quality of the assignment or instructions are weak. In this case, our support team decides what the refund amount will be. Every case will be solved individually and with great attention to every requirement you have mentioned, when placing an order;
  • If there is no expert available to revise your assignment, we will give you a 15% - 50% refund. In case the revision was completed after the deadline, you will get a 15% compensation. We guarantee that our managers will work on every case individually to meet your expectations;
  • If you consider that the delivered assignment contains plagiarism, you must provide enough proof, that should include links for the sources, where the data was initially taken from;
  • If you do not like the result - you can always contact our managers to request for a refund.

Please, note that when you request a 100% refund, you automatically repulse any rights on the completed assignment. In such case, we reserve the right to publish your assignment on our homepage and the content of your work will be automatically linked to our writing company.

How long does it take to receive a refund

If you are willing to get a refund, you need to contact our managers and support team, and your order will be forwarded to the Billing Department, that analyzes each case individually and comes to a final decision. Such process usually takes three business days. However, in separate situations the process may last less or more, depending on the specific details of a particular case.

Please be informed that in case we do not receive any reply from you in regards to the manager`s message within 5 business days the refund request will be terminated.

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